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New Year's Eve is my favorite holiday.  I love the spark of anticipation before midnight and the fresh feel of the new year just after the bell.  I love watching the world celebrate, hour by hour, as we move into the future together.  I love to put thought into my resolutions, reflecting on what I've learned about myself over the past year and what I'd like to change.  I feel like I got a bit of a head start on this year's resolutions by starting this blog.  One of the things I learned and disliked about myself last year was the swell of uncertainty rising to drown the best parts of my personality.  This blog helps me stand against the swell.

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I have more typical New Year's Resolutions, as well.  Last year I gave up land-bound meat and became a pescetarian for 12 months.  I'm back to an omnivorous diet this year, because it's easier on my home life (Mr. B finds it easier to cook meat dishes, and it's incredibly helpful when he takes over that responsibility).  But I am resolved to eat less meat than I did before last year's experiment.  I'm also resolved to jog at least two times each week with my dog, Buckingham.  

Buck is a new addition, and has been great for our mental health.  He's also a big motivation point, because in general I hate exercise and would never choose to do it for myself--but I love that puppy and his boundless energy, so I will do it for him.  I've succeeded two out of the four weeks of the year, and I am giving myself a pass on the two weeks I failed because they were exceedingly busy due to school.  (No more of that excuse though!)

NEW YORK - DECEMBER 05:  Angie Seigley (R) is ...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeI've officially decided on my bar exam state- I'm putting the application in the mail tomorrow.  It's been a nerve-racking experience but at least it's finished now.  There's a sort of resignation to it.  I still never thought I'd be here without a plan, but at least now I'm taking steps to form one.  And this paragraph sounds more depressing than it is.  I am confident that my chosen state is the right choice for us, at least for now.  I'm just (characteristically) having a difficult time adjusting my expectations from three years ago to reality today. 

This post has been a long time coming and is almost a month overdue, but now we are all caught up. The next one will be back to normal!

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